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enjoy Kochi's seasonal ingredients and excellent Japanese ingredients.

Fresh fish caught in the morning from Kochi Susaki fishing port, Kuroshio bluefin tuna from Otsuki Town, which won the highest award at the national black tuna competition, luxurious and rare Tosa duck, etc. We offer an "Omakase course" that combines sushi and other dishes using the finest seasonal ingredients.

let me know your request

"I want to eat mainly local products"
Less but better"
"I want to eat a lot of sushi"
"I want to eat a lot of duck"
​"Less rice, less amount"

"Full of tuna"

Please let us know how you like it ​.

such as women and the elderly
​ Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about the amount of course meals.
A menu that fits your taste,
We will make suggestions as much as possible.

<Example of Omakase Course>
13,000 yen (excluding tax) (14,300 yen including tax)

It changes daily depending on the season and morning market conditions.
Thank you for your understanding.


Local morning sora beans
Flatfish namero
Smoked mascarpone


Raw mackerel from Susaki
Hira mackerel aged in Susaki
Susaki grunt konbu-jime
Bonito from Susaki

Conger eel from Tsushima
Akagai of Yuriage

Kuroshio bluefin tuna pickled in lean meat
Kuroshio bluefin tuna medium fatty tuna
Kuroshio Bluefin Tuna Otoro-zuke

Hokkaido salmon roe
North sea raw sea urchin


Tosa Jiro (local chicken) egg chawanmushi
Squid local oyster oil saute
Tosa Duck Tosa Binchotan Charcoal Roast
Duck soup hot noodles

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